Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The 8 Prayer Watches: The 1st Watch

At the beginning of the year I wrote a post called The Revelations of Matthew 14: 22-33: The 8 Prayer Watches, that mentioned the 8 prayer watches. Since this month is about defeating the enemy, this will aid you into knowing what to pray for when you are being attacked. For the next 8 weeks I will briefly touch on each prayer watch. This will give you some guidance to grow and be impact full in your prayer life

1st Watch: 6pm -9pm The First Watch of the Night (The Evening Watch):

  • During these hours, we regroup from the days activities like work, school and etc. This is the time to be still in front of the Lord, away from the world. In Psalms 46:10 it reads "Be still, and know that I am God;...."

  • Mediate and release your anxieties to the Lord in prayer. Issac went out to the field in the evening to mediate. (Gen 24:63 "And Isaac went out to meditate in the field in the evening; ...")
  • This is the time to focus, The Lord uses the evening to purge your fears and anxieties that would keep you from advancing in His perfect plan.

  • This is also the time to pray and silence all the voices (curses) of the enemies on your life, family, church, city and nation. Read Psalms 59 During this time the enemy returns to steal your blessings and take hold of the gates of the day. Psalms 59:6 reads, " At evening they return, They growl like a dog, And go all around the city."

  • Isaiah 17:12-14 tells us we have the evening tide and it is time to pray that the Lord pass judgement on the wicked and those you would harm our family, community, church and nation.

  • Pray for the re newel of the Covenant with God. This is the time when Jesus broke bread between God and Israel (us). Appropriate the provisions in the Blood Covenant and that every covenant you have with God is renewed at this time.

I pray that this was helpful and gives you more insight of what to pray for at this time. To learn more about the 1st watch visit the website The National Prayer Watch.

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