Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The 8 Prayer Watches: The 2nd Watch

This week, I am going to discuss the second hour of prayer.

2nd Watch 9pm-12MN The Second Watch of the Night (The Midnight Watch):

  • During this time you are to pray for divine favor and provision or supply. Favor from men and respect from men. In Exodus 3:21 God tells Moses that he will give the Israelites favor in the sight of the Egyptians. (this will later help the Israelites build the tabernacle) In Ch.11 it shows that the Israelites received this before midnight because the angel of death had not yet passed through Egypt. Another example is in Acts 23:23 God made provisions and had the chief captain see favor in Paul.

  • Give thanks to the Lord at this time for his favor and provisions. Psalms 119:62 “At midnight I will rise to give thanks to You, Because of Your righteous judgments."
  • Pray for supplication and grace. This is the time for the outpouring of the Spirit of Prayer, Grace and Supplication. On the night Jesus was betrayed he prayed for God’s grace at 9:00pm. And at each hour from 10-11pm, he went to his disciples to wake them up and pray. By midnight he told them to get up because the hour had come for him to be betrayed.
  • Pray for strength against all temptations and trails.
  • Pray for prevention of being scattered. When Judas betrayed Jesus and brought the soldiers to capture him, all of his disciples scattered and left him to be taken. Pray that the Lord keeps unity in your families, churches, workplaces, schools and communities in time of trails.
  • Pray for protection. This is the time that God is dealing with our enemies, who are trying to keep us from entering into the perfect plan he has for our lives. Exodus 12:29 tells us that the Lord smote Egypt’s first born which lead the Israelites to leave their bondage and head into the promise land.

    Please remember all for these prayer points during this hour of prayer. It will strengthen you and allow the Lord to continue to do a mighty work in your life. Also for more on the second watch, please visit the National Prayer Watch website.
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